Israeli Archaeologists Discover a Magnificent Ancient Gold Ring

The ring, weighing 5.11 grams, was discovered on the ruins of a massive Byzantine-period winemaking plant.

“The owner of the ring was wealthy, and wearing the diamond denoted their rank and money.” Such rings might be worn by both men and women, according to Dr Amir Golani, an IAA expert on ancient jewellery.

“A semi-precious stone known as amethyst was set in the ring.”

“In the Bible, amethysts are described as one of the 12 precious stones worn by the Temple’s high priest on his ceremonial breastplate.”

“Many qualities have been ascribed to this gem, including the avoidance of the hangover, a side effect of drinking.”

“Did the individual who wore the ring seek to avoid drunkenness from excessive wine consumption?” “We’ll probably never know,” IAA archaeologist Dr Elie Haddad remarked.

“The ring was discovered within 150 metres from the remnants of a large storehouse used to store wine jars (amphorae).”

“Some of the jars were discovered upside down on their mouths, and it’s possible that there was a warehouse full of empty jars before they were carried to the winepresses to be filled with wine.”

“It’s likely that the gorgeous ring belonged to the owner of the great warehouse, a foreman, or simply an unlucky guest who dropped and misplaced their priceless ring until it was ultimately recovered by us.”

“We are cautious to date the ring accurately,” the archaeologists added.

“While it was discovered in strata dating to the Late Byzantine – Early Islamic eras (7th century CE), it is feasible that such a ring was passed down for centuries.”

“In fact, gold amethyst rings were rather widespread in the Roman culture,” they continued.

“As a result, the ring might have been passed down from a wealthy individual living in Yavne as early as the third century CE.”

“The little, daily objects uncovered in our digs give us human tales and connect us directly to the past,” stated Dr Eli Eskozido, director of the IAA.

“It’s thrilling to think that the guy or woman who wore the ring is walking right here, in a different world than what we know in today’s Yavne.”

Header image:

The ancient gold ring was found at the Byzantine-period wine production complex in Yavne, Israel. Image credit: Dafna Gazit / Israel Antiquities Authority.

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