Incredible! An 800-year-old mobile phone has been unearthed.

Archaeologists and space creatures recently made an extraordinary claim, claiming to have unearthed an 800-year-old cell phone.

According to a Mail Online storey, after the experts’ allegation, a fresh discussion has erupted among advocates of conspiracy theories.

A ceramic item from Austria that resembles a modern mobile phone has been discovered by experts.

On this item, which is comparable to an old Nokia mobile phone, there is also something written in letters of an ancient language.

This takes the shape of contemporary buttons. Many people dismiss it as a rumour since they are unfamiliar with the language.

Those who believe in space beings, on the other hand, see it as confirmation of their existence.

This 800-year-old phone, he claims, is proof that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth.

He also stated that this phone demonstrates a voyage into the past and future, i.e. time travel. These folks believe that this model was created by someone who had complete knowledge of the future.

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