A 4,000-Year-Old skeleton discovered in Northern England

As they were constructing a hotel in rural Northumberland, construction workers uncovered human bones believed to date back more than 4,000 years ago.

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While renovating the Tankerville Arms in Wooler, workers discovered a Bronze Age stone burial chamber – or cist.

Digger driver struck the stone coffin while digging drains. He then removed the cover slab to reveal a hollow interior.

Human remains thought to be about 4,000 years old have been discovered by builders working on a hotel in rural Northumberland. The Tankerville Arms in Wooler was undergoing renovation work when they unearthed a Bronze Age stone burial chamber – or cost

A tiny, ‘beautifully made’ flint knife was found at the skeleton’s feet.

A team of archaeologists is investigating the location in order to determine the gender of the skeleton and whether there are more remains nearby.

the cist dates from between 2200 and 1750 BC, according to Northumberland County Council estimations.

Four upright stones support the cover slab on top, says local archaeologist Roger Mike.

If it was a lady, she would have been buried on her right side with her head facing west.

‘It also appears to have been burned,’ he added.

Although we have no notion of their religious views, our knowledge of the symbols they left behind gives us a glimpse into their worldview.

At the time of burial, the knife would have been a valuable object and was placed in the grave to be used in the hereafter, according to Mr.

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As Charlotte Lowery, the hotel manager, said: “These last several days have been full of excitement.” An astonishing discovery has been made!

They were installing the last drain when they came upon a huge flat stone that didn’t belong there.

From cup-and-ring patterns to henges and hillforts, Northumbria is home to several archaeologically noteworthy monuments like Ad Gedfrin, the ancient kings’ palace.

Source: bbc

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